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Importing semen into USA

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  • Importing semen into USA

    I am in the process of importing semen. I am located in the US. I have contacted the usda cdc and customs department. I can not get a clear answer on all tests and paperwork needed to clear customs. I have been told there are no restrictions but i still feel that they need to clear some tests. I have searched online and have found many requirements for other countries. Why isnt this information readily available. Has anyone successfuly imported amd transferred semen into the usa? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Contact a repo specialist... they can usually help with this info since they deal with this often. I also recommend joining correct Dane Info facebook there who have done this.
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      Where are you trying to import the semen to? If you go through a large semen bank like ICSB Grass Valley (one of the main hubs) they handle all of this for you. I just imported semen from the Netherlands. First sent it to Germany where it joined a group ICSB tank and then it only cost me $150 to get it to CA, USA. Now I just have to move it to Florida when I'm ready to use it. I've also imported semen from Denmark directly to Florida. As far as I know, the USA has no testing restrictions on canine semen. AKC will require the dog it came from be DNA tested through AKC and you will need pedigree, collection statement and transfer of ownership to clear customs.
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