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Gathering breeder info for a Fawn

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  • Gathering breeder info for a Fawn

    My Mantle dane, Hudson, recently passed. He was such a wonderful part of the family and will be very missed. I know that I will always have a dane in my life. I am looking to find some good breeders for a Fawn. Before I bought Hudson, I spent months looking and researching for the perfect breeder. I am sure it will take just as long.

    I thought that there use to be a link where you could find reputable breeders based on state, color, etc. Maybe I am missing it but, I can't seem to find it. When I try to find a list, its keeps saying "no breeders found".

    I was hoping you could PM me some great Fawn breeders for me to begin researching.

    Thank you

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    There is a listing of breeders on the home page of DOL... even though all effort has been made to insure the listing is responsible breeders always, always still do your homework..make sure the breed does all health testing not just simple vet exams, breeds to the standard, and follows the GDCA breeder code of ethics.
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      Hi, if you haven't had any luck finding a puppy a good place to look is the Great Dane Review website. From the website click the galleries tab, then litterbox. There are some really good Fawn breeders listed. Good Luck.
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