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  • Pm me your trusted breeder?

    Through the helpful members of this site, I just barely escaped buying a puppy from a well-disguised puppy mill. I have learned so much and have been very informed. However, I'm still having trouble finding a reputable breeder within a state or two near me. I tried the Great Dane Club of America, but most of the breeders aren't breeding or the websites are outdated.

    Can anyone recommend breeders in a pm for me? I'm willing to wait 6 months if need be. I would love your recommendations. I will travel.

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    Contact the Great Dane Clubs nearest you.. Attend some shows, even if you want a pet only this is a wonderful way to meet Dane people and get referrals to responsible Dane breeders.. I would not rely on breeder referrals from online since many irresponsible breeders lurk on these type of groups/forums waiting to pounce on unsuspecting potential buyers.. find All Breed Kennel Clubs around you they also are great sources of info.. contact the Great Dane Rescues they too are also often good sources of info regarding responsible breeders. There is also a breeder section here on DOL... while an occasional irresponsible breeder may slip through..we try hard to screen them before allowing them to be placed on the site.
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      Thank you so much!


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        Good for you for being receptive to buying a pup from a reputable breeder! Good luck! Not sure what has already been recommended, but just keep researching as much as you can. Kahluadanes is right! Go to shows, contact Great Dane Clubs near you, just start networking. Educate yourself about the red flags, the correct health tests and certs, legit contracts, etc. You will be so thankful once you have the support from a top notch breeder and a wonderful well-bred pup!