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    Do you do it yourself, or take the dog to the veterinarian? I know an inexperienced person could possibly injure the dog, or forget to make the dog step over his manhood so that the sperm-rich portion is released, or whatever.

    If you DO do it yourself, what collection tool do you use (non spermicidal condom, collection tubes, etc), and where do you store it? If in nitrogen tanks, how much do those cost on average?

    If your Veterinarian does it instead, how much do they charge you for the collection and/or the straws?

    And, one more question:

    Has anybody had a bitch who's had trouble conceiving by frozen/chilled semen?

    Thanks for the info.
    -P.S. I don't breed, I don't have any intact dogs. It has been on my mind for a while but will only happen when I have the time, proper resources, financial stability, OFA good or better ... cardiac/thyroid/elbows normal ... healthy ... stable temperamented ... well-conformed dog(s), which won't be too soon.

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    That is some question? !!!!!!!! all I can say is try GOOGLE


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      My Males are collected by a vet, I do know of a few that do it themselves. you do need more than just tanks, BTW.

      Cost is around 350.00 a "visit" and 90.00 a year for storage.

      I have had failed breedings Natural, Frozen and Chilled...Though that is not the norm.


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        I have tried Google, but it's better if you get the answers from people, not just generic information that I don't know if it's true or not.

        Oh yeah, more than just tanks? What else then.


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          Centrifuge, Microscopes, and more as it also depends if you will do straws or pellets.
          you also have to keep LN on tap to keep levels at apropriate levels. Tanks and LN are not too expensive you can find used ones for 150+


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            One of the vets that I use does the collection and stores it at her office. $60 a year.

            Many have dogs collected at shows by


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              I have a stud thats over 39 tall and hard to get a tie so I collect and inseminate myself.My frozen of course is stored at Hutchs in Cleveland Ohio.I pay $90 a year I think and was around $400 the collection and all the initial things their.Here I do have a microscope to check for swimmers though I cant count it LOL and i have a centrifuge for spinning it down when I AI though you dont have too.I use sterile glove,sterile baby bottle liners and sterile syringes without the rubber plunger some rubber kills sperm so I use the luer lock which is all plastic.Of course I was taught to do this by 2 very old timers thats done many breeding over the many years but its actualy pretty simple.I also have done breedings with co owner thats fed ex me semen theyve coleected and and ive done the same to them etc...We get out extender and things from Camelot Farms.I wouldnt reccomend doing it if you havent been showed/taught how to properly do it.
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                You definitely need a mentor!

                Testing the sperm is done before you decide to freeze and is included in the initial fee. Local reproductive vets are a little cheaper than noted earlier, but the annual storage fees are all about the same range as quoted above.

                At the other end of the spectrum, the worst kind of do-it-your-selfers use baggies and the freezer in their refrigerator. Have no idea what the results may be.



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                  Lol yes I do!

                  Originally posted by CADRMNDANES View Post
                  One of the vets that I use does the collection and stores it at her office. $60 a year.

                  Many have dogs collected at shows by
                  So your veterinarian charges $60 per year, but does that include a certain number of collections or unlimited?
                  Thanks for the link.


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                    The $60 per year is the storage cost only not the collection.
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