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Gladiator Danes... Again!!!

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  • Gladiator Danes... Again!!!

    Grrrrr. I finally figured out where the "Gladiator Danes" in this area are coming from. My vet's new tech is breeding them, and told a friend of mine "One" of her females is just about to pop, so there will be Gladiators for Christmas. Aside from being mutts ($700 mutts) she does no educating on Mastiff or Dane health issues, and those pups will be four weeks old at Christmas. When my friend pointed this out, she said... "Well, you have to wean early or it's too hard on Momma..." At this point my friend had to clench her teeth and make her exit from the room before she got thrown out of the one good vet in town.

    It's so frustrating though. Seeing these poor pups in the paper, and I know of one of her pups that got HBC at five months, and the people turned around and got another Dane pup before they got their yard fenced. I even saw a book at Barnes and Noble the other day all about "Shopping for your Designer Breed dog". I could've cried! All the -oodles and cocka-'s. now we've got people matching up huge dogs with 2 totally seperate sets of health problems and issues.

    x( x( x( x( x( x( x( x( I wish I could advertise AGAINST them in the same papers that try to sell them.

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    RE: Gladiator Danes... Again!!!

    Actually you can advertise. Just a few choice words in an ad. The "designer" dogs are getting out of hand...Jo
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      RE: Gladiator Danes... Again!!!

      A couple weeks ago all the talk shows had the NEW Designer breeds on and how great and blah blah blah.In one day they was on Montel Williams,Regis and Kelly and The View.Our local news has been having alot on them also.Their seems to be more and more in our local papers also.

      Lisa Mcintosh


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        RE: Gladiator Danes... Again!!!

        Yup, saw a pic recently in "US Weekly" of Jake Gyllenhal with his new puggle...