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  • Pregnant or not?

    So long story short I ran into a friend of mine who has a 2 year old fawn Great Dane. She claims to have bred her female about a month and a half ago but told me she still doesn’t know if she’s pregnant. According to her both the bitch and stud had health testing done but they were never shown. I’m curious how often pregnancy’s fail? Her Dane looks slightly bigger in the tummy area but not as much as I would expect at 7 weeks. Do some Danes not get big until the last two weeks? She said her bitch has also lost her appetite (which I didn’t think they did this late in the pregnancy). Thankfully she took my advise and is getting a x Ray next week.This is purely curiousity because I hope to someday show and potentially breed Danes.

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    Pregnancy can fail for many reasons.... health, wrong timing, infection, low sperm count, etc... Some dogs show quickly others do not... if carrying a singleton or a very small litter they won't show as much as a rule... there are many variables..... After day 50 she can do an ultrasound to help with approximate count and/or determine pregnancy... Some times the litter is resorbed or miscarried without notice...Loss of appetite can happen during pregnancy but it can also signal a problem... It is very unwise to breed without all the proper health testing (OFA/Pennhip on hips, OFA/CERF eyes, OFA heart & thyroid) and without knowing at least the very basics of pregnancy, care of a pregnant bitch, whelping, newborn care, etc..
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