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Couple Questions for breeding my dane

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  • Couple Questions for breeding my dane

    Hello everyone I am newbie to this site, so go easy on me lol. I have a couple questions that I am having a hard time finding answers to, and I am hoping that you guys can help. I am looking at breeding my female Dane. She is only 4 months now, but I wanted to get started on finding out all that I can before the time comes. My first question is the health certifications. I don't want to have the stigma as being a back yard breeder looking to make a quick buck. I obviously want to make sure that she is healthy enough to have puppies, and she won't pass anything on to her future pups. Is OFA, or Pennhip the way to go? I have talked with my vet and she reccomends Pennhip because it is more thorough examination, but everything that I find on the internet preaches OFA. What are your thoughts on this?

    My second question is about coloring. She is black with a few small patches of white on her chest and feet. Before we brought our first dane home I researched just the breed itself as far as temperment and health and never really dove deep into tge markings and which colors should be bred and which shouldn't. The sire is a merle and the damn is blue. The litter that she was born in had quite the variety of colors. The colors were merle, fawn, mantle, black, and then like a chocolate colored with white patches. Looking at the color chart had me concerned. My plan was, if healthy and the ok from the vet, I would breed her with a black show quality stud from a kennel in my area. With all the colors that her litter had does this mean that she is a carrier for those colors?

    Thanks for the help!

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    The decision to do PennHip or OFA is really a personal one...They are both very much in use and are both respected.. In addition to hips you also need to do OFA heart, Thyroid and eyes...They need to be 2 years of age before OFA hip, thyroid & Heart certification..eyes can be done any time.. (eyes and heart need to be done yearly).. The dog needs to be at least 2 years old before being considered for breeding... In addition it needs an impeccable pedigree, needs to meet breed standard( needs ot either be shown and judged or at the very least evaluated by no less then 3 very knowledgable people(judges) in the breed.. Now as to color... it appears from all the mixed up color variety produced and the color of the parents that unfortunately your pup didn't come from a responsible breeder Sadly I would not consider your pup for a breeding program.. Sadly no responsible stud owner would consider breeding her either.. I would just simply keep her as a wonderful pet/companion and when she is 18 months to 2 years get her spayed and later on down the line if you are interested in a breeding program find a good responsible breeder as a mentor, attend shows, get a good quality dog from a responsible breeder, show, health test and then breed..
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      Thank you very much for your reply. The more I read the more I came to the realization that they weren't a good breeder. I was able to reach out to a kennel in my area and the owner was very helpful with information they provided me. Knowing what I know now we are not going to breed her and she will make a tremendous member of our family. I found out that I still have plenty to learn before I even consider becoming a breeder. Thanks again for your reply!