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My 4 year old just survived bloat and torsion

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  • My 4 year old just survived bloat and torsion

    I noticed that he was trying to throw up. Nothing but foam came out. He was also panting, acting strangely and I noticed his stomach was larger than usual. I rushed to the regular vet. They placed a tube down his throat (I believe) and got lots of air and liquid out. By the end of the day, he was much better and they sent him home.

    Within an hour of being home, he was drooling a lot, make strange yawn like sounds and would not stay in one spot. I rushed him to the emergency vet Friday night and they sent him straight to surgery after taking an xray and seeing organs out of place (indicative of torsion).

    He survived the surgery and is now recovering at home. Thought I would share my story so others recognize the signs. If it were not for this forum, I might not have.

    I will always tack my danes from now on. He wasn't because he had not been neutered (show dog) and I got him as an adult, but that will be my rule going forward. My other 2 were tacked when neutered and besides being a lot easier for them to recover, it was also much much cheaper. So glad we have pet insurance.
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    How scary! Glad he's ok!
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      I'm glad you recognized the signs and got him to the vet! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


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        Glad your boy is okay!
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