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Raised feeder or not?

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    raised feeder or not? 2 more opinions

    I found these two links to be interesting.

    When we first rescued my dane, her ribs and spine were showing. She inhaled food and was protective of it. My vet warned me about bloat. I feed smaller meals more frequently. In the beginning, 4 times a day, now only two times a day.

    I placed food bowls on the floor and in an elevated feeder. She will choose the elevated feeder every time. I did have to experiment with the height of the bowl.

    right or wrong? I don't know but I wonder if the dog food, the individual dog and stress are also factors to consider?


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      I do not use a raised feeder... Never have. I really think stress is a major contributing factor in bloat in dogs. That being said I also think taking in a large amount of air in feeding/watering may also be a factor...

      I really do think anything has been proven one way or the other..


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        My dogs usually remove their raw food from their bowls and eat it off the floor/mats. Mouse takes large pieces to his couch (it's always covered) and eats laying down.

        I feed them before I cook/eat and they rest during human food prep after they are done eating.
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