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Bloat/Torsion experiences

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  • Bloat/Torsion experiences

    This section is solely for the posting of details of Danes that have suffered Bloat/Torsion. While it may be difficult for owners to relive this, the responses may be of help to others re this medical issue.

    To prevent confusion, please post each experience in a new thread.

    If you have/had a Dane that has bloated/torsioned, please post as many details as you can.

    - gender?
    - age?
    - color?
    - known medical issues?
    - usual temperament (stressed, calm)?
    - deep chest?
    - type of food – raw or kibble (brand name)?
    - human food allowed?
    - recent diet change?
    - feedings per day (one, two, three)?
    - feeding(s) at what time(s) of the day?
    - fast or slow eater?
    - ground or raised feeder?
    - free access to water?
    - allowed to exercise/play right after meals?
    - if known, did sire/dam/littermates encounter this issue?
    - gastropexy - before/after the incident?
    - oncoming warning signs, if any?
    - how long after a meal did the incident occur?
    - time of incident?
    - sequence of events?
    - vet involvement?
    - outcome?
    - further comments?

    Thank you to all that offer their experiences.

    If there is additional information that should be asked for, please contact me.

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    Well I guess I will start...
    My experience may not be as hard to tell as others, as the Dane I will be speaking of was my step-moms. However, she did live with me for 2 years, so we were very close and she was a family member nonetheless.

    Summer was a Black Female Dane who was 8 1/2 years old when she died suddenly to Bloat. The only medical issue she ever suffered from was Hip Dysplasia. Otherwise she was a very active and healthy Dane. She was fed kibble (I believe Innova most of her life). The only additives that she ever received were Salmon Oil and Cottage Cheese. She was also fed twice per day with raised feeders, once at 0700 and once at 1700. She had free access to water at all times and she was an extremely slow eater. It took Summer a good 15 minutes to finish one meal. She was never big into running around or exercising right after eating. She usually went outside after eating to go potty or to lay in her crate (which was he safe place). Summer was a very calm but protective Dane. She could be trusted with anyone and anything, ranging from infants to raccoons. She never showed an ounce of aggression, just an occasional bark when the doorbell rang.
    I do not know if any littermates or if her Dam or Sire suffered from bloat. Summer's bloat happened approximately 5-6 hours after her 1700 meal. Being that my step mom was the manager for a Vet Clinic she took Summer in right away when she had starting panting heavily and was unable to get comfortable. She had given her Gas-X prior to getting to the clinic. I dont know the sequence of events after the Vet got there, but I know they were unable to pass a tube and went into surgery almost immediately. She died on the table whether it was from the anesthesia or what I do not know.

    I do know that Summer is very missed and loved greatly. My mom has not and will not own another Dane since Summer. Too much heartache.

    I hope others will share their experiences so that it may help us all to gain knowledge of this horrible life threatening illness that can and does effect so many family members.

    Below is a picture of Summer!
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      I just want to say thank you for reading my mind on this! The other day I was nervous about bloat when Oakley wasn't feeling his normal self (it wasn't, thank goodness) and while I'd been through it first hand very recently, I was looking for a "progression timeline" of sorts or more detailed experiences and found absolutely nothing online. This should be very helpful!

      I'll post my experience with Murphy soon.
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        Excellent Idea

        Thank you for adding this section, it could turn out to be a great resource for Dane owners.
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