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Varying feeding times?

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  • TheSorensens
    started a topic Varying feeding times?

    Varying feeding times?

    Hello everyone I'm a new great Dane owner. There have been times where I didn't get home to feed my other dogs until late, on accident. For example a usually feed them after the people have dinner around 6:30 sometimes as late as 8:00 p.m. I live in the mountains and sometimes if I'm running errands down in the city I could get home late. I have come home as late as 10:00 p.m. I'm wondering if this occurred with my Great Dane could that be a risk down for bloat. So is varying feeding times a risk factor for bloat and I should be more careful about making sure feeding happens on a strict routine.

  • kahluadanes
    It is best for ALL dogs regardless of breed/mix to have a feeding routine that only varies no more than an hour.. It isn't so much bloat worry as it is general digestive health, stress, etc as well as forcing the dog(s) to hold their stool and urine for an excessive amount of time which is not good... This is especially important for puppies and senior dogs.
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