Hi all,

You most likely have seen a "Supporting Member" tag below some member’s avatar. This is an indicator that they have supported DOL, by way of a donation. If you would like to support DOL and all that it offers, please click on the UserCP link at the top left of the Forum. Once in your UserCP section look for "Paid Subscriptions" in the Miscellaneous section. Donations are a one-time $20. You have the option of donating via PayPal or credit card. If you prefer to make payment via a personal check, please email webmaster@danesonline.com for mailing details, etc.

All monies collected via the Forum/Affiliate/Associate membership go directly to aid Great Dane Rescue.

If you become a "Supporting Member" and you don't see the "Supporting Member" tag beside your username within 24 hours, please send a PM to admin.

Thank you for your support.