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NDR-Died during Spay

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  • NDR-Died during Spay

    My friends 5 month old chihuahua (I know I'm not spelling that right) died today during her spay. The vet said that she had a stroke during the surgery. Has anybody heard of this before? Is it a genetic thing, or was it a reaction to the anesthesia? He (the vet) said he's only had it happen once before in 18 years. Should they tell their breeder (BYB, so I'm not sure she'll care), so that she will (hopefully) not breed the parents again? They are having an autopsy (is that the same as a necropsy?) done, so maybe that will show more of what really happened.

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    RE: NDR-Died during Spay

    Aw!!! That's Sad. Rest In Peace Little One.


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      RE: NDR-Died during Spay

      You spelled Chihuahua correctly.

      Yes, the breeder should be notified.
      A necropsy is the animal version of an autopsy.

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        RE: NDR-Died during Spay

        Sorry for your friend.Often babies are lost during spays some reasons are always unknown and complication some they can find reason in necropsy.Some anaesthetic some heart probs or bleeding or other issues.All surgerys have risk.Sending prayers to family.


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          RE: NDR-Died during Spay

          I'm sorry to hear this. How very sad for the new puppy's family.
          I always recommend the pre-anesthetic blood work for any animal that is going under. I'm not sure if the bloodwork would have warned against anesthesia in this case, but it's something to think about.
          ~ Jill


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            RE: NDR-Died during Spay

            i am so sad for your family! may the little one be free!

            we almost lost Mia during her spay, she had a heart erithmia (grrr now that i know is spelled wrong!)luckly she pulled thought it. but Mia was older when she was spayed.

            again i am sorry for the loss my prayers are with this family.