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Anyone Familiar with Nasal Aspergillosis?

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  • Anyone Familiar with Nasal Aspergillosis?


    My 2 1/2 yr old Shepherd/Chow/Lab mix Buddy has been diagnosed by my vet with aspergillusis fumigatus which is a form of nasal aspergillosis. It took me taking my dog to a second vet and telling them to take a sample of the discharge from his nose. His symptoms started about 4 months ago. The first thing I noticed is that he started getting tired when we would go for daily walks and each day he kept only being able to go shorter and shorter distances. He then got a runny nose which got worse. He still has discharge from his nose and somedays its mixed with blood. He has probably had the discharge and blood from his nose for about 3 months. Also he doesn't eat that good. Sometimes he'll go days and not eat. Some days he'll eat once or twice. He mainly just wants to lay around and sleep all the time and I even have to go put the leash on him and give a little tug to get him to out. I'm glad I'm taking Friday to see a specialist.

    Before he got sick he was the most affectionate dog I had ever had. He was always with me. He would lay on the sofa with me. The only time he comes in the den and makes me feel like he's doing better is when a guy friend of I have and a girl friend come over to visit. That is the only time he gets perky or if a stranger even rings the doorbell. Even when my friends come over he'll get on the sofa or lay on the floor for a while then he goes back to where he likes to sleep which is either in my bathroom on the rug by the shower or in his crate which is in the room I have my computer.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has ever had a dog or known of someone who had a dog that had this nasal fungal infection.

    Thanks for listening,

    Renee & Buddy
    Renee - Mya (GD), Buddy (Shepherd Mix) & Sasha (Mix)