i don't smile much and i never expect anyone to make me happy, but my dogs have always been there on the the good days, and for me a bad day with a dog is a better day than a bad day without a dog. my dogs might not understand what it all means when i think out loud but they like it when i talk about things they don't understand, if only to hear the sound of my voice. my dogs understand that bein'... good aint always the easy choice an have never been critical of me for choosin' the harder path, even if i fail. when i stand still amos comes to lean on me and i lean on him, his favorite place, like my dogs before him, is wherever i am. i never asked for this and possibly don't even deserve it, but dogs give because they can, not because they have to. guess i'm tryin' to say, i'm happy bein' more like my dog an less like other two leggers just because i can, even if no one but my dog understands.
peace an love,
sam an amos