Awww...its Wed nite and I wish I could join in the chat but this pay computer is another piece of crap. Anyway,the ride today was spectacular. Sailing along on I-40 through the Smoky Mtns,through the dips and curves and high trees with a hint of red,makes for a great ride. Takes every bit of concentration to keep the big rig inbetween the lines through those curves but on the straightaways I can drink up the scenery. Have to watch where I walk Earl..lots of poison ivy out here. Got nipped by a dachshund too! We were parked next to each other and Earl and devil dog were talking to each other from the windows when the other owner came out. I told him not to worry..he could say hi to Earl. He then told me I could pet devil dog...OUCH!
Oh was still a little cutie! Tomorrow on to Chesapeake!