Well,found this pay computer at a truck stop. Now I have TWO adapters...but they are both in Phoenix! Earl is having a ball as usual. Stopping in Fort Payne to pick up a lad and then its on to Chesapeak,VA. Been pushing hard,trying to make up for alot of days of just sitting. Still manage to find a Petco just before I run out of Earl's Natural Balance...that's a balancing act in itself. Haha..get it?? I parked the rig next to a guy and he loved Earl so much he asked if he could tape him getting in and out of the truck,then he burned it on a cd right in his truck and gave me a copy...of course I can't see it till I get the laptop running. He's from Delaware and he says he knows someone who raises danes...forgot to ask if his friend gets on DOL! Well,take care all!