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The decision to purchase a Great Dane as your next canine companion is largely up to you, but diving into the world of potential breeders is one of the most important aspects of your purchase. The practices and ideals of each breeder will inherently follow your relationship with your dog throughout their lives. Good breeders know their dogs and the breed as well as their own families - from history, to temperament, to health, and beyond.

Looking for, and finding a reputable Great Dane breeder is a journey that you shouldn’t take lightly - and a good sign is that they won’t take you deciding to purchase a Great Dane lightly. A good breeder will have many questions for you as an owner as well.

Approach breeders by investing your time in researching the breed and formulating some questions for them to develop a good working relationship. Good breeders won’t allow their pups to leave the mother until at least 7-weeks of age, and will make sure they have all of their first shots and two deworming’s.

Great Danes are officially recognized as featuring 9 colours and 3 distinct markings. Colours are confined to black, black and white, blue, brindle, fawn, harlequin, mantle, merle and white – harlequin and black and white being the most popular. The 3 standard markings of the breed include black markings, black mask, and white markings. Kennels and breeding facilities should be clean and well maintained.

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